Environmental Laboratory

Existence of various environmental problems in the existing areas in the country,Destruction of natural areas and wetlands,The need to implement environmental management systems at different organizational levels,Decreased quality in air, soil and other parts of the environment,Existing legal requirements regarding environmental impact assessment studies of projects before construction and attempts to reduce their environmental impact,Design of purification systems and reduction of production pollution in industries and other production sectors All of these are factors that make the mission of environmental service companies more apparent.

In this regard, Afrooz Shimi Larak Company with the aim of providing scientific and technical consulting services with a strong and experienced staff of graduates of the most prestigious universities in the country and relying on its background and experience in the field of environment and safety to provide a wide range of services.

Continuous and regular monitoring of environmental pollutants is the basis for assessing the amount and type of pollutants as well as planning for the management and control of environmental pollution.

Afrooz Shimi Larak Company’s environmental laboratory has been introduced as a trusted environment laboratory by using the most equipped and advanced equipment and specialized and experienced staff And has the ability to perform a variety of tests as follows:

Monitoring of all general parameters of water and wastewater such as: PH,EC,,COD,DO,TDS,SS,TSS Salinity, turbidity and temperature,

Monitoring of physicochemical parameters such as: free chlorine, calcium, magnesium, total hardness, chloride, nitrate, nitride, ammonia Phosphate, Sulfate, Sodium, Potassium, Sodium, Fat and oil, Detergent, Alkalinity, Phenol, Cyanide, Sulfide, Sulfite, Fluoride, Formaldehyde, Dye