Food Laboratory

آزمایشگاه غذایی

Afrooz Shimi Larak Food Laboratory is proud to announce that it has one of the most accurate and well-equipped food and beverage laboratories with great efforts and the use of the most advanced equipment and experienced staff. The services that can be provided by this laboratory are as follows:

1- Chemical and physical analysis of food:

Moisture measurement, food ash determination, fat measurement, free fatty acid measurement, peroxide measurement, fatty acid identification, sodium and potassium measurement, calcium and phosphorus measurement, protein measurement

2- mycotoxins testing:

The management of Larak Afrooz chemical Food Laboratory, due to the importance of the above issue in food hygiene of livestock and poultry, has made it possible to measure various fungal toxins using international standard kits in this laboratory.

This laboratory has the ability to test mycotoxins including aflatoxins, ochratoxins, zeralenovin, doxynivalenone using HPLC in a variety of cereals, legumes, animal feed, poultry, aquatic animals, etc.

3- Test of metals and heavy metals:

Metals and heavy metals are measured in all types of food with AAS device (furnace flame and hybrid pump).

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