Afrooz Shimi Larak Laboratory is proud to use the most advanced equipment and the most experienced manpower also as the most advanced fertilizer laboratory in the country is a partner of the standard and trusted department of the comprehensive fertilizer materials department of the country.This laboratory has the ability to perform all fertilizer tests and is ready to cooperate with exporters, importers and producers for fertilizer registration services by joining the comprehensive system of fertilizer materials in the country.Larak Afrochemical Laboratory is equipped with the most advanced laboratory equipment in the field of nature, food, water and soil, fertilizers and toxins, detergents and cosmetics, and mineral and ores with an official license from the Agricultural Engineering Organization, official certificate for analysis of chemical and Organic fertilizers from Soil and Water Research Institute and International Quality Management System Certificate of Laboratory based on ISO / IEC 17025 standard from National Certification Center of Iran and using experienced and specialized staff as a pioneering laboratory of standard administration in Hormozgan province with the aim of Improving the quality of domestically produced and imported goods, establishing quality systems in production units, helping to properly implement the standard,supplying customer demands about consumer goods, optimal use of the environment and cooperation and assistance to improve Society health and food security and health of the country has the ability to perform various tests.

Beginning of Afrooz Shimi Larak Company's winter discount plan

According to the public relations of Afroozhimi Larak Company, Dr. Masoumeh Ajourloo stated in this regard: Afrooz Shimi Larak Company is currently operating as a certification laboratory of the National Certification Center of Iran and a partner laboratory of Hormozgan General Directorate of Standards And by setting up laboratories of minerals and fertilizers, chemistry and nature determination, food, livestock and poultry feed, water and wastewater, water and agricultural soil is in the service of dear provinces and other parts of the country. In the end,she said about the autumn discount plan of this laboratory: in order to attract maximum customer satisfaction and express sincere thanks to the general public for Afrooz Shimi Larak Company,We will provide a 25% discount on our services to customers of the Strategic Technologies Laboratory Network in the winter.